Driving Financial Success

On-Demand Course for Transportation Company Owners

This course is designed to help Transportation Company Owners improve their profitability and take home more owner income, thus building the value of their business and generational wealth.

Based on reviewing and analyzing the financial statements of more than 250 transportation companies ranging from $1M to $150M in annual revenue, we've distilled what success looks like and how to get there in this course.

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Financial Mastery

Gain comprehensive understanding of financial metrics for effective business management specifically for the transportation industry.

Expert Guidance

Learn from Kenneth Lucci, a Principle Analyst with years of industry experience who's reviewed the financials for more than 250 transportation companies.

Business Growth

Apply our proprietary financial management strategies to improve profits, bring home more owner income, and increase the value of your business.

WARNING: Do Not Let This Happen to YOU! 

An Open Letter from Kenneth Lucci

Dear Transportation Company Owner,

Far too often, I've had to dash the dreams (and egos) of business owners who placed their bets on the value of their business to fund their whole retirement. They (wrongly) assumed their business was worth far more than the fair market value based on the financial health of the company and realities of this industry. 

And I do not want to have to tell another business owner they can't retire because their business hasn't been generating enough consistent profit to sell at the price they need to sustain their way of life . . . or better yet, retire in style or create wealth for their family. 

You work far too hard to take home what's left over at the end of the month. You deserve a business that pays you handsomely every week and grows in value over time, so that when you're ready to retire you don't need to spend 3+ years digging yourself out of a financial hole.

That's what our course, "Driving Financial Success" is all about. 

We will teach you the exact financial reporting and management system we use to value businesses in the transportation industry, that allows you to see where your financial problems are, and what you need to do to fix them.

This course was born from our experience financially reviewing over 250 passenger transportation companies ranging from $1M a year to $150M a year, operating fleets from five vehicles to 500 vehicles.  We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and this course teaches the best practices we have observed and implemented for the most successful operators in the industry.

The system we teach will allow you to make informed decisions to manage your cost of goods, marketing, new technology, and more, so that you're dropping more profits to the bottom of the P&L and directly into your pocket. 

Everything we do is confidential, but here are a few examples of how our methods have made a major impact on our clients' businesses: 

We had a client who's gross profit decreased 10% one month and came to us to figure out why. And how to fix it. When we put their financials into our format, we were able to easily identify the problem was due to overtime for his drivers. We addressed that with the dispatch department as well as a few other areas to improve margins on, and the problem went away. 

Recently we were asked to examine and value two companies where the owners we getting ready to retire. In one case the owners were taking out minimal amounts of money and showing no profit. The other company, in the same region of the same size, was highly profitable and when we put the companies side by side in our standard format we could identify why. We then advised the poor performing company on which metrics were way above industry average, providing essential insights into what actions needed to be taken to address the issue. First they made price adjustments, then they lowered every possible cost to provide their services, they outsourced some of their functions to reduce overhead, and ultimately dramatically increased the profitability and value of their business. 

Recently a $20M company came to us thinking they were ready to sell the business. But, after we put their financials into our format we were able to identify that they were significantly less profitable than other companies of the same size and recognize that the issues were rooted in their fleet maintenance expenses, and a division that was actually losing the company $1.5M per year, robbing the profitability of the business. So with our properly formatted financial statements and methods, they were able to make critical decisions about the profitability of their company. 

And these are the kinds of results we want for YOU. 

So if any of this sounds familiar:

>> You've been struggling to turn a substantial profit month over month, year of year . . . 

>> You're always the last one to be paid . . . 

>> You owe taxes at the end of the year and have no cash to pay it . . . 

>> You want to add people to the business and buy new vehicles but you don't know if you can afford it . . . 

>> You're considering retiring in the next 2-3 years and need to sell the business for a substantial profit . . .

>> You want to increase the value and sale price of your business . . . 

>> You want to know how much you can borrow and buy to operate your business without pulling out the last of your hair . . .

Then "Driving Financial Success" is the answer. 

We hope you'll make the wise decision to invest in your own success with us. 

Kenneth Lucci
Founder of Driving Transactions

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Feedback From Clients Who Took The Course

"The Driving Financial Success course by Ken Lucci is an indispensable resource for company owners in the Chauffeured Transportation Industry, offering deep insights into achieving long-term profitability and operational excellence. Through expert guidance and practical strategies, it empowers business leaders to navigate the complexities of the industry, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Lucci's expertise and hands-on approach make this course a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their business to new heights of financial success.‚ÄĚ

-Travis Brisbon (President and CEO of Triangle Corporate Coach)

The course is amazing. Before joining Brisbon Transportation Group, I had no experience in the transportation industry. My knowledge base was in overload once I completed the course. I was eager to make some adjustments to our financial processes and implement the ideas from the course.

Thank you so much for taking to time to help the transportation industry understand the financials and the importance of the information being correct.

-Cynthia Hunter


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